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Edition juillet 2016
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Savoury Duck

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From 23rd September to 1st October 2016, discover and enjoy a glorious selection of Duck dishes, each as tasty as the other. Juicy and tender cuts of duck meat, creatively prepared by Chef Thierry St Mart, will awaken your senses.

On the menu – Grilled duck breast with orange sauce, Confit duck with garlic sauce, Red thai duck curry laced with coconut and many more will have you ducking in for more !

As from Rs 450 (incl.VAT)- Lunch & Dinner.
For bookings and more information, call 403 7200.

Moules &amp Frites A VOLONTE

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Tous les samedis soirs et dimanches midi, Grain d’SEL vous propose des moules, frites et mousse au chocolat A VOLONTÉ !

Rs 850 incl.TVA / personne