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Edition juillet 2016
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Sweet &amp Savoury

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From 15th to 23rd July 2016, taste, discover and savour a perfect savour pairing – a little sweet and a little savory! A decadent dining experience, with new bursts of deliciousness with every bite. Dig into Slow cooked duck breast with tamarind sauce, Crispy red papaya and camembert aumonière, Pan-seared Norwegian Salmon with goat cheese pancake or Rosted lamb with vegetables tagine for sweet and savoury gourmet moments!

Moules &amp Frites A VOLONTE

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Tous les samedis soirs et dimanches midi, Grain d’SEL vous propose des moules, frites et mousse au chocolat A VOLONTÉ !

Rs 850 incl.TVA / personne